David Ross celebrated Cubs division title with a shot

While it wasn’t how the Chicago Cubs wanted to celebrate winning a National League Central Division title, it still counts.

After a loss to the Milwaukee Brewers on Thursday, the Cubs had to rely on the San Francisco Giants beating the St. Louis Cardinals to win the division. That game didn’t end until just a little before midnight in Chicago, so the celebration wasn’t as big. That will be saved for after Friday’s game with the Brewers.

But at least one Cubs player decided to celebrate, sort of.

Veteran catcher David Ross hung out at Wrigley Field as he enjoyed a workout after the loss to the Brewers, letting the crowds clear out. Ross decided to walk home and would pop his head into Wrigleyville bars to see how the Giants and Cardinals game was going.


When he saw the Giants had one, Ross decided it was time to celebrate. He went into a bar and ordered a shot of Jameson as he told the story on the Mully and Hanley Show early Friday morning:

“It was pretty low key,” Ross said. “I took the train in yesterday to the field, so afterward I got a little workout in to try and let the crowd clear out and walked home. I walked about halfway home and just kind of poked my head into the window of some of the bars and would check the (Cardinals-Giants) score and saw they had pretty comfortable lead. Then once we clinched and St. Louis lost, I walked into the bar, threw a shot back and hopped in a cab the rest of the way home. It was pretty uneventful.”

Ross shared a photo of himself taking the Red Line to Thursday’s game against the Brewers:

The Cubs are planning on celebrating their division title following Friday’s game with the Milwaukee Brewers.


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