Dwyane Wade stars in new Gatorade ‘Sounds of hope’ commercial

Chicago native Dwyane Wade returned home this past NBA offseason as he signed with the Chicago Bulls.

Wade previously spent the first 13 seasons of his career with the Miami Heat, winning three NBA titles. But it was time for Wade to come back home and help a Bulls team that is in a rebuilding phase.

The Chicago-native is with the Bulls on a two-year deal and is looking to bring his hometown some success.

To document his journey back to Chicago, Gatorade released a special commercial titled “Sounds of Hope.” The commercial chronicles Wade’s journey from a little boy growing up in the rough streets of Chicago to coming back home later in his life.

Check it out:

Wade answers a very important question in the video. “People ask me why I came back,” Wade said. “I’m here to return what the game has given to me.”

“I’m here to return what the game has given to me.” It ends with viewers being asked to help Wade’s Spotlight On campaign to help end gun violence in the city of Chicago.

You can read more about Wade’s campaign and pledge to help here.



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