Alshon Jeffery guarantees Bears will win Super Bowl next year

In case you were wondering whether or not Alshon Jeffery wanted to remain with the Chicago Bears, a comment he made after today’s season-ending 38-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings might answer your questions.

Here’s what the veteran Bears receiver said, as reported by WGN’s Adam Hoge:

Wow. That’s bold.

However, while that scenario is highly unlikely, it may matter in regards to Jeffery’s future with the team.
For one, it seems to go against the long-time speculation that Jeffery does not want to remain a Bear, whether because of the franchise’s direction, the weather being too cold, or whatever reason has been put forward.

Interestingly, this year has seen Jeffery become a much more vocal presence in the locker room and with the media, voicing his frustration on matters such as the Bears offensive ineffectiveness and the team’s inability to close games.

Like then, his latest words are coming from a place of raw emotion, so putting too much stock in his actual proclamation that the Bears will win Super Bowl LII is probably not worth it.

But if the Bears lock him up for a few more years (as they should), he might still be here the next time the Bears are contending for one.

Khari Thompson

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