The possible snag in a Bulls-Celtics trade for Jimmy Butler revealed

We told you a few weeks ago that the talks between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics could pickup in regards to guard Jimmy Butler. And it’s happening.

With Thursday’s trade deadline looming, there’s not much time to get a deal done. The two teams have been in talks again in a deal that would send the 27-year-old Butler to the Celtics.

But there’s a major snag.

NBA reporter David Aldridge was on NBA TV to discuss potential deadline deals, including Butler to Boston.

Part of the package would include at least one of the Celtics first round picks in the 2017 NBA Draft which would likely be the Nets pick. That will be a lottery pick and has the potential to be No. 1 overall.

The snag in the possible trade is a player, according to Aldridge. Here’s what he said via Celtics Hub’s Brian Robb:

“I think the Jimmy Butler stuff is real,” Aldridge said on NBA TV. “They have been trying to get Jimmy Butler. [Ainge] doesn’t want to give up Jae Crowder. That’s the main sticking point there and he doesn’t want to give up Jae Crowder in a deal and that’s the guy the Bulls are insisting on right now in any package for Butler.

“The picks will work themselves out. Boston has about 600 first-round picks in the next five years, so they’ll make it work. That part I’m not worried about. I think it really comes down to Crowder. In terms of real, tangible players, I think Danny would like to go into the playoffs with Smart, Bradley, Crowder defensively along with Butler, Horford, Thomas offensively. I think he feels like that’s he only way they’ll be able to compete with a team like Cleveland.”

He also goes on to mention how Chicago is right about wanting more than just picks. They also want a player that can contribute to the future.

Boston is looking to compete with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East and have a shot at the NBA Finals. But it will be tough to do so with the current roster.

The Bulls on the other hand are stuck. They don’t have enough to make a run in the NBA Playoffs and likely wont without adding more assets in the years to come.

They could attempt to build around Butler but would have to do it quickly. Whatever they do, it’s going to be an interesting next few days.


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