Moose Repeat – Beat IceHogs 5-3

Lather, rinse and repeat. Same teams, same score, just a different night. Somehow, the cycle needs to be broken. Waiting until the 3rd frame to turn it up, is just too little too late. The Moose came out the gate on fire, netting their first goal a mere 11 seconds into the 1st period. They never let up on the gas. The game was a battle for last place in the AHL Center Division and the IceHogs have resumed possession of it.

Netminder, Mac Carruth reluctantly gave up his starting position to Lars Johansson early in the 2nd frame, after the Moose scored 3 goals within less than 2.5 minutes. In his defense, those goals weren’t entirely all his fault, as there seemed to be an overall lack of defensive play from the team itself.

The IceHogs host the Iowa Wild tonight at the BMO Bank Centre. Seven home games left in the regular season for the IceHogs.


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