Kris Bryant takes batting practice in downtown Chicago

Kris Bryant and the Chicago Cubs are fresh off a walk-off win to open their 2017 home schedule at Wrigley Field.

Before the game, Bryant and his teammates raised two banners to celebrate the Cubs 2016 World Series and NL titles. The festivities were delayed due to rain but once the party got going, the atmosphere was electric.

Then just 12 hours after the Cubs won in walk-off fashion, Bryant was taking batting practice but it wasn’t at Wrigley Field.

Instead, Bryant took BP in downtown Chicago at River Point where the North and South branches of the Chicago River meet.

Bryant teamed up with Red Bull to launch some baseballs into the Chicago River.

Check it out:

It’s not McCovey Cove, but it’s pretty damn cool to see Bryant do that. The slugger finished with 39 home runs and 102 RBI as he won the 2016 NL MVP.

He doesn’t have a home run through 7 games for the Cubs this season but maybe this BP session will change that.


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