The Chicago Bears decided to trade up and take University of North Carolina Tar Heels quarterback Mitch Trubisky with the No. 2 overall pick.

Chicago gave up their 2017 first round, third round and fourth round picks and a 2018 third round pick in order to move up one spot.

Right away, Bears fans seemed upset with the pick claiming that Pace gave up way to much to draft a quarterback instead of LSU safety Jamal Adams.

Some of those reactions were caught on camera:

Even the Packers fan (why is he at the Bears draft day party?) in the background can’t believe it.

This is going to go one of two ways for the Bears: They either found their franchise quarterback that can take them to the playoffs or they will look back on this and call it a big mistake.

The 2017 NFL Draft continues on Friday night with the second and third rounds.

0 thoughts on “Chicago Bears fans react to the Mitch Trubisky pick”

  1. John W. Spanton

    I welcome our 1st round draft-pik, my comment is why did we give up what we did did when we could have had him 4 minutes later on schedule. ALSO, why with this same management did we acquire a ‘slug’ Jay ‘G’utler when even the Broncos didn’t want him?????? I don’t see too many teams trying to pick up this ass-hole

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