Jay Cutler wouldn’t return to NFL if Green Bay Packers called

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has moved on from playing the game and instead will be a broadcaster with FOX Sports.

The announcement was made on Friday, as Cutler will call the Week 2 preseason game between the Tennessee Titans and Bears.

Cutler appeared on “The Herd” with Collin Cowherd Monday, hosted by fill-in Doug Gottlieb, and was asked about his decision to leave the game.

The quarterback described his process and felt like it was time to move on. Gottlieb then asked Cutler a question about returning and if he would join the Green Bay Packers if Aaron Rodgers got hurt and they made the call to Cutler.

His response might make some Bears fans happy:

Cutler had his struggles against the Packers as a member of the Bears. Since joining the Bears in 2009, Cutler was 2-11 vs. Green Bay with 23 interceptions and 15 touchdowns.


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