LaVar Ball makes another crazy Michael Jordan comparison

LaVar Ball is back at it again.

Just days after Ball revealed the first shoe in the Big Baller Brand signature line, he was making the media rounds once again.

Ball and his son Lonzo revealed the “Z02” shoe which costs $495 for the regular pair and $1,000 for an autographed pair. It’s been disputed how many pairs of the shoe actually sold on the first day but the Ball Family is going for it all with this launch.

On Monday, LaVar was on UNDISPUTED to talk about the new shoes and had some interesting stuff to say (surprise, surprise) about the brand.

Co-host Shannon Sharpe mentioned how Ball had people’s attention and how he will keep it despite Lonzo not playing a game in the NBA yet.

And as we are used to hearing, LaVar gave another crazy comparison…

Yep, you heard that right. LaVar compared Michael Jordan joining Nike as a rookie to Lonzo Ball and his father launching a new shoe.

Here is Ball talking about Big Baller Brand being “symbolic”:

It’s an awful comparison to make. Jordan’s parents didn’t make their own brand, instead he earned a contract from Nike and helped build an empire with Jordan Brand.

Lonzo will likely be a top 10 pick in the upcoming 2017 NBA Draft and LaVar will likely continue to make ridiculous comparisons.


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