Chicago named a top 5 baseball city

The Chicago Cubs achieved their goal of winning the World Series by completely rebuilding their organization.

It paid off for the Cubs who won it all in 2016 and have a team that should compete for another title for a long time.

The White Sox, on the other hand, won the World Series in 2005 but are now in their own rebuilding phase to try and get back to the top.

But no matter how bad the teams have been, Chicago has stuck behind their respective sides in the summertime.

Chicago is a Bears town and always will be but since the Bears last title in 1985, the Bulls have won 6, the Blackhawks have won 3 and the Cubs/White Sox have won 1 a piece.

The city is a baseball town in the summer, filled with plenty of awesome bars and restaurants all over. But is it the best in North America? Fox Sports doesn’t think so.

The site ranked the Top 13 baseball towns in North America and coming in at No. 3 is……. Chicago.

Here’s what FOX Sports had to say:

The Cubs fans showed up for decades of terrible baseball — an allegiance that made the victory all the sweeter last October.

White Sox fans — there aren’t many, but they’re hardcore.

Chicago might have the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears, but it’s a city that’s divided between the north and south sides — a baseball town.

As for No. 1? Well Cubs fans certainly won’t be happy. The site named St. Louis as No. 1 on their list:

St. Louis and the Cardinals are synonymous. What other team and city can say that? Sometimes it is just as simple as that. The “Best Fans in Baseball” might not always be self-aware — no fan base is, though — but they’re all-in on the Cardinals. You can’t question that kind of loyalty.

Yeah, we will disagree with that one.


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