LeBron James reveals he’d want Michael Jordan as a teammate

Basketball fans will have a lot more to look forward to in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The International Olympic Committee officially added 3-on-3 basketball to the games a week ago and we can’t wait. The 3-on-3 format gives fans another version of the game to watch, in addition to regular basketball.

While we don’t know what the teams will be just yet, we’ve already been dreaming of some awesome combinations.

Current NBA players are too.

As LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers look to fight off elimination again in the NBA Finals Monday night, the star revealed his dream 3-on-3 team.

If you guessed Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, then you are correct. James picked those two players as dream teammates.

Here’s what he said via Doug Feinberg of the Associated Press:

LeBron James knows who his dream teammates would be in a 3-on-3 competition at the 2020 Olympics — Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Jordan and Johnson’s names came to James without any hesitation when asked by The Associated Press which past greats he would like to play with. The Cavaliers star was a bit more reserved when he came to picking present day players.

“I don’t know, I have to think about it,” James said.

It will never happen obviously as both Jordan and Johnson are retired. James won’t participate in the 3-on-3 format either.

But is that the greatest dream 3-on-3 team ever? It’s possible.

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