Report: Philadelphia 76ers turned down trade for Jimmy Butler

It appears as if the Chicago Bulls have attempted to move Jimmy Butler ahead of the 2017 NBA Draft.

According to Stephen A. Smith, the Bulls sent a trade offer to the Philadelphia 76ers involving Jimmy Butler and the No. 3 overall pick.

The 76ers turned down the deal and instead traded the pick in a package for No. 1 overall to draft Markelle Fultz on Thursday.

Smith then detailed what the Boston Celtics plan on doing with the No. 3 overall pick and it involves Butler:

“The Boston Celtics are planning on acquiring Jimmy Butler,” Smith said. “They don’t know if they’ll be able to, but their hope is they’ll be able to use the No. 3 pick, get themselves Jimmy Butler, go into free agency, get Gordon Hayward, and then combine Butler with Hayward, keeping Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and those boys in tow, and making a legitimate run at the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference crown knowing that they then get to come back the following year and likely get another first-round pick on top of the one that they will have, etc. etc.

Here’s the full video:

Shortly after Smith’s comments, Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson refused that report on The Spiegal and Parkins Show Monday.

The Celtics have acquired plenty of future first round picks that they could use in a package for a big trade.

It’s going to be an interesting next couple of days as we head into the 2017 NBA Draft on Thursday. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


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