MLB to look into Anthony Rizzo play at the plate

Following the Chicago Cubs 3-2 win over the San Diego Padres on Monday, tempers were flared.

Padres manager Andy Green was upset with Anthony Rizzo plowing into catcher Austin Hedges on a throw from the outfield. Rizzo was ruled out because Hedges hung on to the ball and tagged him.

Green called the play a “cheap shot” but did not say Rizzo was a dirty player. Several other Padres beat writers also chimed in via Twitter which you can read all here.

Below is the play in question:

Reporter Ken Rosenthal is reporting that MLB informed both the Cubs and Padres that the play was in violation of the rules:

Major League Baseball, according to sources, informed both clubs Tuesday that Rizzo was in violation of Rule 7.13, which the sport introduced in 2014 to protect catchers from such collisions.

There was no immediate consequence for Rizzo during the game, as he remained in to play. MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre will continue to review it and whether or not to discipline Rizzo.

It’s also very possible the Padres take matters into their own hands and decide to punish Rizzo by throwing at him on Tuesday night.

Stay tuned.


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