Chicago Bulls fans start a GoFundMe for a Fire GarPax billboard

While some Chicago Bulls fans understood the team trading away star Jimmy Butler during the 2017 NBA Draft, there are some that are not happy with the move.

One of those fans is Redditor bshendy who took the initiative to start a GoFundMe account calling for the firing of General Manager Gar Forman and VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson. The #FireGarPax campaign includes a billboard to be put up calling for the firing of the duo.

Here’s a quick breakdown from the GoFundMe page:

The r/ChicagoBulls community now has a new mission…
It’s time to raise our pitchforks everyone. Reinsdorf and GarPax have made the Bulls the laughing stock of the NBA for far too long.
This past NBA draft is the final straw. Not only did we trade Jimmy Butler for a value equivalent to a Diet Sprite and a Snickers bar, but we traded away one of the best defensive talents in the 2nd round for… cash??? Yes the Reinsdorf and GarPax figured the best idea to go about a rebuild is to sell our draft picks for cash…

As of Saturday, June 24 the campaign has over $6K of its $15K goal and it keeps raising. At $2K, small digital billboard will go up on Madison street. As the donation amount increases, so does the billboard size and location.

Of course, if it’s not completely funded all of the proceeds will be donated to the South Side YMCA of Metro Chicago.


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One thought on “Chicago Bulls fans start a GoFundMe for a Fire GarPax billboard

  • July 4, 2017 at 2:31 PM

    For those that may stumble across this article and not understand why Bulls fans have finally had enough, check out the link below to see the decade plus of futility by the GarPax regime. Yes, they’ve had a couple bad breaks but the continually make bad move after move. It’s time for fresh eyes and a new vision.

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