Chicago Cubs asked about Justin Verlander, Alex Avila

It’s no secret the Chicago Cubs will be making a move ahead of the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline, but who will they target?

The Cubs have struggled with consistency at the leadoff position, so adding another bat is a possibility. After the departure of Miguel Montero, the Cubs also could use a veteran catcher.

Then there’s pitching.

The Cubs rotation has been bad outside of Jon Lester, Mike Montgomery and lately Jake Arrieta.

But according to a report, they have their eyes on a veteran starter.

MLB Network reporter Jon Morosi tweeted that the Cubs have asked about the availability of pitcher Justin Verlander and catcher Alex Avila recently.

Here’s the full tweet:

Avila makes the most sense for the Cubs but as Morosi noted they have not been involved in any trade discussions….yet.

As for Verlander, well the 36-year-old pitcher has a few years remaining on his current deal. It’s hard to see the Cubs taking on all of his contract of $46 million for the next two years without getting money from the Tigers in a deal.

Chicago even sent a scout to check in on Verlander recently:

Verlander hasn’t been great this season but it’s possible a change of scenery could help. He’d likely be the 3rd starter in the Cubs rotation, with the backend being Kyle Hendricks and John Lackey.

The Cubs are going to address the rotation one way or another but is Verlander worth it?

Looks like we will just have to wait and see about that.


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