The Chicago Cubs have a new on-base celebration

The Chicago Cubs have had some of the more creative ways to get the whole team involved over the last few years.

First the team rubbed the top of their helmet after a base hit back in 2015. It got so popular that Jonathan Herrera added fake hands to his helmet as the “rally helmet.”

That same season, the team rallied around Starlin Castro’s walkup song as they clapped along every time he walked to the plate.

But with those two gone, it was time for a new celebration.

Kyle Schwarber is the ringleader for the newest Cubs on-base celebration and it’s something he’s been doing since college: waving at his teammates.

“It started in college,” Schwarber said via Jesse Rogers of ESPN.  “That was kind of our thing my sophomore year. Waving at your teammates that get on, and they’re waving back to you because they know you’re in that at-bat with you the whole time. They’re grinding it out with you.”

The cameras have caught players doing the wave a few times now but some, like Kris Bryant, still are confused.

“That’s where I’m a little confused,” Bryant said via ESPN. “I see people doing other things, and I’m like, ‘Is that what we’re doing?’

Other players have gone their own route with unique celebrations, including Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist as seen below:

The new trend started following the MLB All-Star Break in which the Cubs entered struggling and 5.5 games behind the Brewers.

It appears as if it’s working. The Cubs will enter Friday’s series against the St. Louis Cardinals just 1 game back of the Brewers for first place in the NL Central.


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