Michael Jordan finally responds to LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball is known for making some ridiculous statements not only about himself but about his son, Lonzo, who is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now Lonzo seems like a great kid and it’s not his fault that his father is making crazy statements saying that the guard is already better than Stephen Curry.

But the one that took it to far is in regards to Michael Jordan.

LaVar told the media that he could beat Michael Jordan in a game of 1-v-1. Yes, LaVar actually thinks he can beat the greatest basketball player to play the game. He did it by saying that he would make MJ “cry” after beating him.

For a while, Jordan was silent until now where he’s finally responded to LaVar. Jordan took the opportunity to respond to LaVar at the Michael Jordan Flight School on Monday, a camp that he puts on every year.

Jordan addressed the situation saying that he doesn’t think LaVar could beat him even if he was “one-legged” as he drew a cheer from the crowd.

Check it out:

Jordan also took this as a chance to offer some advice to LaVar about letting Lonzo just play the game. “I would say if I had to sit down and talk to him right now, if he was here, I’d tell him to shut up, and let the kid play,” Jordan said.

Strong words from the G.O.A.T. in the form of a mic drop.


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