Mitchell Trubisky Picks a Side in MJ vs Lebron Debate

Who is the greatest of all time: Michael Jor or Lebron James?

The argument that will never die has rekindled after Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky weighed in on the debate during an interview with WSCR 670AM’s Danny Parkins on Wednesday morning.

An Ohio native, the No. 2 overall pick didn’t blink making a choice before explaining his decision and it won’t make Chicago fans happy.

Lebron. Can I say that? I think you’re the first person to ask me that. I’m from Ohio. It’s kind of bias. I grew up watching LeBron. That’s really all I know. I didn’t get to see Jordan in person. I did go to the same school as him, so that’s kind of where we get wishy-washy there. I’m a big fan of both. I appreciate greatness. I’m not one to like sit there and sit back and compare them all day like everyone else does on TV and stuff, but they’re both great players and there’s an argument for both sides — stats, rings, whatever you want to do about it. But I just hope to meet them someday. They’re both the greatest at what they do. That’s definitely going to be out there somewhere. – Chicago Bears Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky

Judging by his response, Trubisky quickly realized what city he was in after answering the question, feeling the need to explain himself in detail.

Trubisky was just 10 years old when Jordan retired from the Washington Wizards so he really didn’t get to see MJ play in his prime.

Still, we have to imagine that some of his Bears teammates will be showing him some MJ highlight tapes on YouTube soon enough.

While his roots and youth may give him a pass in the debate, Bears fans can only hope the young Tar Heel product will be discussed in GOAT discussions years from now.

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