Eddie Vedder is awesome, there’s no denying that and what he did on Friday night outside of Wrigley Field was pretty damn cool.

Following Friday’s Chicago Cubs win over the St. Louis Cardinals, Vedder decided to hit Waveland Avenue near Murphy’s Bleachers to jam out.

The Pearl Jam frontman was busking outside on the street as people were passing by. Some noticed Vedder and others just walked by. Vedder was joined by Manny Miller and Jack McKee who busk outside of Wrigley Field as “SideStreets”.

Check it out:

Could you imagine just walking down the street and seeing Vedder jamming?

It’s not the first time Vedder has done something cool like this either. After Game 4 of the 2016 World Series, Vedder joined Derek Trucks as the two played “The Weight” with Bill Murray in attendance.

He also performed for the Cubs following their historic NLDS win over the St. Louis Cardinals in 2015 playing “Someday we’ll go all the way.”

What will he do next?

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  1. Dion Miller-Perez

    The two street musicians are Manny Miller and Jack McKee who busk outside of Wrigley as “SideStreets” but also play as part of the “Royal Outsiders”.

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