Chicago Bears receiving core struggling early on

It seems that the heat is turned fully up for the Chicago Bears wide receivers unit.

Now that Cameron Meredith and Kevin White are out for the season, the Bears look at Deonte Thompson and Joshua Bellamy as their lead guys.  The two have struggled to start the season and with quarterback Mike Glennon not posing much of a deep threat, the Bears have had to resort to short routes and high percentage attempts in the middle of the field.

It was a disappointing end for White’s season, again. The former first round pick will now miss the majority of the year for the third straight season.

The Coach & His Training Sessions


Recalling the previous times in 2016, White played in just four games before going down with an injury.  With a promising take of nineteen catches in a span of 187 yards, he made breaking news even on his training sessions.

He had overtly a difference of opinion with Bears’ coach Zach Azzanni declaration that Kevin and Zach took undue advantage of the highlight recording of West Virginia’s receiver for incentive rationales. The media gathering did not give any pointers for the members just as it had no merit value which is quite contrary to fantasy football. In preference to standing up for his paparazzi minor epochs, Kevin must now take on his team members’ faith and that too very soon.

Apart from the other Bears members, Kevin White was looked at as the go-to guybefore Meredith fractured his foot. White’s build is a burly one and is more than enough to overcome defensive blows with an exceptional trait of impeccable agility and sheer bulk. 

Time is Running Out

However, time is a prime factor andWhite has a dearth of it. With the summers over and autumn in full blossoms, the Bears are now likely fully prepared to move on from White.

Amateur wide receiver Tanner Gentry is now in the pipeline ever since the Bears setup shop after the summers, and will be off the roster for Wyoming. He also is not an imminent player for the initial picks as well. Gentry received some playing time in the loss to Tampa Bay but was sent back to the practice squad the following day.

According to an eminent sports forum, Dowell Loggains, the offense player manager for the Bears shows complete faith in Kendall Wright as the two were together in Tennessee. Kendall is one of the more experienced players on the roster along with  Markus Wheaton. 

Wheaton made his debut for the Bears in the win the Steelers, his former team, and the Bears hope he is the deep threat they have been searching for.

Odds for the Bears & Overall NFL

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Rookie Players to the Rescue

Not much water has flowed under the bridge since the Bears concluded with a 6-10 record back in 2016. They drafted quarterback Mitch Trubisky with the second overall pick but he has yet to make a start. It’s been a question mark surrounding the team since the start of the season.

Starter with Mike Glennon looks to lead the Bears to a few more wins but if he struggles, they may turn to Trubisky. The schedule of the Chicago Bears is becoming unfathomable early on as they have a tough four-game stretch to open the season. 

The probability for the current Bear’s record remains at 1-7 or might include a 0-8 at the midway point of the season.

Punters usually stay put with the traditional prediction of 6-10 since amateur players Trubisky, Jackson, Cohen and Adam Shaheen emerge as being in full form. However, there are way too many queries and opposition to convince lovers of the game that the Bears are justifiable contenders for the playoffs.

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  • September 28, 2017 at 2:52 PM

    Bears WRs are number 2s at best, closer to 3s. Bears QB was benched twice by TB, how can you expect to have a average passing game with that??? 70-30 running, hope Def. can help?

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