How to Make Money While Playing Video Games Online?

Listen up, the gamers among you! Yes, you’ve heard correctly.

You’re definitely not dreaming, as today more than ever, you can make real money while enjoying your favorite pastime – playing video games. This is certainly the dream job! In recent years, video game playing has become more akin to sports betting, as a huge, still not well-known gambling market has opened its doors to gamers across the world. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a hacker to crack into this social gaming experience.

The tendency of online betting sites to diversify and attract those who have never set foot in casinos into gambling has led to this lovely convergence of technology and skill that allows you to challenge others on real money bets. Without being considered gambling, videogame betting offers an incomparable betting experience, as it allows you to bet on your own skills, rather than on luck. Everything is indeed in your hands!

It is a perfect opportunity for the pro to make some real cash while building up your skills and maybe use them on other betting sites. Still wondering where to find the best paying video games or how to choose the right betting sites? Here’s how.

Legal vs. Illegal Video Game Betting

Social gaming for real money is a very controversial issue, as to whether it is really to be considered a form of gambling. This is why you should first start by digging some reliable information about the legality of video game betting where you’re based. American state laws on betting differ from one another in many aspects.

In different states, there exist restrictions on different games and in some, on the whole real-money gaming experience. As of 2016, 12 US states don’t allow betting on video games, but practice tournaments and challenges are allowed. These states are Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.

In Quebec, Canada it is also deemed illegal to play video games for real money. Other most common restrictions apply to the age of the players. Earlier this year, the UK Gambling Commission has also condemned many unlicensed websites offering social gaming for real money as illegal. So, do your research first.

Find the Best Real Money Videogame Sites

Having done a bit of research on the legality of the game-play betting sites, it’s time to dive in straight-head into the sea of online betting options out there. Start by reading trustworthy reviews and consider browsing first the best well-known sites. These betting sites generally offer an enormous entourage of sports wagering options, the most popular being football, basketball and soccer.

However, unless you’re playing FIFA, you might not be able to find many other skill-based tournaments.

You can be sure that the latest slot sites on the market by offer the same quality as the top online casinos. This might seem counterintuitive for many of you, as slots in real life are seen as a passive, luck-based gambling option. This is not the case when wagering online. Online casino sites are now all about innovation to answer the whims of the most pretentious, easily bored gamblers. Slots sites are also a good starting point exactly because they’re not so well-known for their console betting options. To recap, the best betting sites for gamers are those that are trustworthy; have various payment options and offer great bonuses and perks, such as premium memberships, leader boards and mobile integration.

Which Type of Video Game Betting to Choose?

Videogame wagering is certainly here to stay, as it offers a fun, novel way to make real money from the comfort of your home.

Passionate gamers are especially advantaged, as they don’t have to learn the rules of the games from scratch, contrary to traditional casino or sport betting where it’s vital to understand how odds are calculated. The gamers familiar with games such as Counter-Strike, Dota, League of Legends, Call of Duty and FIFA will be relieved to know that these are also the highest-ranking games when it comes to video-game wagering. also lists other lesser popular console games that can bring you a real profit.

Even if you’re an extraordinary player, check out some of these guides before setting off to the betting sites. If you’re serious about making money out of gaming, consider also the following videogame betting options.

The eSports League for Pro Gamers

E-sport competitive gaming is the most widespread type of gaming for real money and it certainly has the potential to turn gaming into a professional sport of the same merit as football and basketball. In many respects, e-sports are similar to real life sports, with teams, leagues, commentators and coaches living and breathing the games. E-Sports is really for the cream of the crop players, but one can enter by watching the contests and betting, just like in regular sport wagering.

Tournaments & Challenge Sites

Videogame tournaments offering substantial cash prizes are probably the second most popular hook for gamers, but they’re generally seen as harder for the rookies to score a win, since you’d be competing against gamers of all levels, including the professionals. However, playing is not compulsory, you can easily bet on two-player or multiplayer games for as little as a $1. Once you’ve put up a brave face and decided to give it a go, you can register for free and be matched with another player or challenge your friends and agree on a bet. The results are automatically monitored by the site’s operator, providing a fairer game experience and you can cash out, as soon as you win the game. Tournament betting sites most often support console games compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo and on your computer, so virtually all games you can think of.

Skin Betting & In-Game Money Options

To evade law restrictions, the online gaming betting industry has now evolved to offer betting on skins or in-game items that can increase the characters’ powers and chances for winning.

This gambling innovation is most often associated with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s virtual gun market, also known as Valve Corporation’s Community Market, where players around the world sell items to one another on auctions for profit.

Due to the spread of unauthorized sites, skin betting is negatively associated with black market dealings and many government authorities recommend against it, as it is deemed unsafe. Gamers continue to explore the option, as they see the opportunity for making easy money from their already won low-value skin. For the curious, our recommendation is to take extra caution and bet only on Valve’s main site. Bear in mind that Valve is making 15% profit of every time you win a new skin on a site, using its API.

Pay Attention to Entry Fees, Virtual Currencies & Tokens

Knowing the rules of the videogames you choose to play for real money and having developed some amazing skills is certainly not a bullet-proof strategy when wagering your own finances. Some console betting games use tokens that are not convertible to real dollars, other providers prefer to complicate things even further by including virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

To spare you the confusion, stick to more traditional betting sites where you open an account and pay a minimum entry fee, with the option to cash out as soon as your game has finished.

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