Report: Niko Mirotic would accept trade out of Chicago

It was just over a week ago when news broke that Bobby Portis punched Nikola Mirotic in the face, breaking a bone and giving him a concussion during a Chicago Bulls practice.

The team suspended Portis and announced Mirotic would miss some time as he was sent to the hospital. On Thursday the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson reported that Mirotic would have a hard time coming back to the Bulls with Portis there, as the tension has risen between the two. Mirotic has a no trade clause in his two-year contract with the Bulls.

But now, Johnson is reporting that Mirotic would pass on the ability to veto a trade and accept it instead:

Mirotic decided to stay in Chicago by agreeing to a new deal with the Bulls in the offseason citing that his family loves it here. With the recent altercation, it’s clear that one player must go.

Chicago hasn’t traded Portis yet, which may tip their hand that they’d rather deal the 26-year-old Mirotic instead. As noted in Johnson’s tweet, they cant trade Mirotic until January making things a little difficult.

They could just be waiting for the right time to deal one of the players but it’s clear they can’t coexist on the same team.


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