Cody Franson needs to be an everyday player for the Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Cody Franson hasn’t played many games this season and that needs to change immediately, especially after Wednesday’s tilt against the Flyers.

With the early success of the Gustav Forsling – Jan Rutta pairing and the overabundance of right-handed defensemen, Franson often found himself to be the odd man out. After Forsling was hurt in Saturday’s embarrassment against Colorado, Joel Quenneville went back to the blender and moved Rutta over to the left side to slot Franson into the lineup.

Franson’s main contribution to the Blackhawks would be on the power play, I would even say that he could be quarterbacking the power play.

In the 4 games, Franson has played he has 3 assists with 2 of them on the power play. Keith and Seabrook aren’t doing the Blackhawks any favors on the power play and at this rate giving Franson, an extended look wouldn’t hurt. Watching power play Seabrook fumble with the puck on the blue-line is nightmare inducing and I wouldn’t force my worst enemy to watch it.

Franson isn’t a flashy or big hitting defenseman and that’s just what the Blackhawks need, in the wise words of Joe Maddon “do simple better”. Defensemen that can move the puck quickly and efficiently help create scoring opportunities and that’s what Franson is best at.

Wednesday night against the Flyers, Franson helped set up Anisimov on the power play and had a good game overall. He’s certainly ready to play more games in November.

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