Are the Chicago Blackhawks back on track?

After losing five games in a row the Chicago Blackhawks have now won three-straight games. Does this mean the Blackhawks are back to their winning ways?

Unfortunately, it’s a possibility that the Blackhawks are in fact far from those days of winning.

Don’t get excited, the Blackhawks won three games against some of the worst teams in the NHL and they didn’t exactly win those games in a convincing fashion. In two of the three games the Blackhawks came back late to win it OT and the other win was against the Arizona Coyotes, the worst team in the NHL.

Besides the mediocre effort the past few games there have been some bright spots on this team:

  • Crawford was the deciding factor in all three of these games keeping the Blackhawks in it long enough for his offense to actually score a few goals.
  • Gustav Forsling has looked very comfortable logging heavy minutes the past couple games and seems to get better with each week.
  • The first line is finally starting to do first line things. Saad and Toews have started to put points on the board consistently and have received a nice boost with DeBrincat playing along side them.

Some player updates:

The next three games against Winnipeg, Minnesota and Dallas will be a good test for the Blackhawks to see if they are capable of winning against decent teams.

The Blackhawks play Thursday against the Winnipeg Jets at 7:00 PM CT.

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