What should the Chicago Blackhawks do with Richard Panik?

Last year Chicago Blackhawks forward Richard Panik had a break-out year scoring 22 goals and 22 helpers, earning himself a 2 year $5.6 million contract with the team.

This Season, Panik has gone completely off the radar with a few blips here and there. Panik is far from the 44 point player he was last year. In 31 games Panik has 14 points on pace for a 36 point season but with each game that number slightly drops, I’d be surprised if he gets anywhere close to 30 points.

The last time Richard Panik scored a goal was October 21st, since then he’s only had 6 assists.

It was starting to look like Stan Bowman stole a solid player from the Toronto Maple Leafs for basically nothing, now it’s starting to look like last year was an anomaly for Richard Panik and we may never see those numbers again.

What Should the Blackhawks do with Richard Panik?

Some might think that the Blackhawks should trade Panik, the only problem is what exactly would the Blackhawks get for him? A pick in the next draft wouldn’t help the Blackhawks now and another depth player isn’t what the Blackhawks need.

The Chicago Blackhawks should ride the storm out with Panik and try to get him back to the player he was last year. Coach Q needs to do what ever he can to get Panik going again. The Blackhawks definitely miss the presence he brought to the ice last year. Hopefully, Panik can turn it around in the second half of the season.

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