Andy Reid’s successful coaching tree bolds well for Matt Nagy

The Chicago Bears introduced Matt Nagy Tuesday afternoon making him the 16th head coach in team history. Nagy comes from Kansas City where he was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator for the Chiefs from 2013 thru this past season.

He coach under Andy Reid who has been a prominent head coach since 1999 for the Philadelphia Eagles and Chiefs. Over that time many assistant coaches have gone on to have successful coaching careers after working for Reid.

Since 2006, 10 assistants have been hired as NFL head coaches after previously working for Reid. Those coaches include Brad Childress, Steve Spagnuolo, John Harbaugh, Leslie Frazier, Ron Rivera, Pat Shurmur, Todd Bowles, Doug Pederson, Sean McDermott, and now Nagy.

Of the nine coaches before Nagy, six of them have coached teams to the playoffs with two of them making it to the Super Bowl. This season both Pederson and McDermott led their teams to the playoffs, with Shurmur garnering a lot of credit as the Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator for their success.

When looking at the offensive coaches that have coached under Reid, several of them have had success on their own. Brad Childress was the first with the Minnesota Vikings leading them to back-to-back division titles and an NFC Championship appearance in 2009. What makes his success noteworthy was his ability to win the first year in 2008 with quarterbacks Tavaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte, and then with Brett Farve in 2009 in which Farve made the Pro-Bowl.

The other coach is Doug Pederson, the current coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, who finished with the best record in the NFC this season. Pederson has been credited for getting the best play out of second-year quarterback Carson Wentz who was favored to win the league’s MVP award before being sidelined with a torn ACL.

Coaches Ron Rivera and John Harbaugh are the two coaches who have made it to the Super Bowl with Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl in 2012.

Harbaugh also made the playoffs six of his first seven years with the Ravens and has had franchise quarterback Joe Flacco lead the way. Rivera made it in 2015 with the Carolina Panthers who featured one of the league’s best defenses and the league’s MVP in quarterback Cam Newton. From the time that both were coaching in 2011, their teams have combined for seven playoff appearances.

With the hire of Nagy, many believe that the Bears found the next up and coming offensive coaching mind.

Several reports stated that Nagy was the first coach that Reid trusted to call plays other than him. Furthermore, some even quoted Reid as saying that Nagy was the best head coaching candidate he had ever had work for him. These reports show how confident Reid is when it comes to the Bears new head coach. It’s a high water mark looking at the vast amount of success once moving on from Reid.

The success or failure of Nagy cannot begin to be determined until the 2018 season kickoffs in September, but the predictions can be made off of prior history. The positive for the Bears is the successful track record of Andy Reid assistance who have won as head coaches.

It also bolds well for the offense and the quarterback position when Reid’s most recent offensive coordinator in Pederson has coached up a young quarterback talent in Philadelphia.

The Bears organization is hoping for all that success from their newest hire.

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