Report: Chicago Bulls will waste no time trading Nikola Mirotic

The NBA Trade Deadline is still just over a month away but there’s a big date approaching for the Chicago Bulls organization.

Monday is the first day the Bulls can trade away forward Nikola Mirotic due to a clause in his contract. There has been some buzz surrounding the Bulls and Mirotic in regards to a trade for a few weeks now.

Mirotic missed the first few weeks of the season after being punched by Bobby Portis in a practice just days before the season opener. The 26-year-old has been reportedly unhappy in Chicago and his camp wants out. A report on Thursday from suggested that Mirotic still wanted to be traded.

He soon may get his wish.

According to Brian Hanley of 670 The Score’s “Mully & Hanley” Show, the Bulls will waste no time trading Mirotic and will move him as soon as they can:

A report surfaced on Monday afternoon that at least two teams were interested in Mirotic with the Portland Trailblazers possibly being a third.

It wouldn’t shock us to see Mirotic gone right away as the Bulls want to land a first round pick in exchange for him. With the organization rebuilding, grabbing draft picks for a loaded 2018 NBA Draft should be the goal.

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