What will the Chicago Blackhawks do without Corey Crawford?

According to a recent report by Chicago Sun-Times writer Mark Lazerus it’s possible that Corey Crawford could miss the rest of the season due to vertigo like symptoms.

This is terrible news for a struggling Blackhawks team that relies so heavily on Corey Crawford. While Lazerus is usually on top of things, this whole situation with Crawford feels off.

The Blackhawks organization has been unusually quiet on Crawford’s status.

After fans have been left in the dark for a few weeks on Crawford’s situation Toews had some interesting comments about Crawford:

“We’re always concerned about our teammates first and then our team second. He’ll do what he can to get himself better, so he can get back to playing and get back and help our team when he knows how to.”

The most alarming thing about this statement is “(Crawford) and help our team when he knows how to.” I’m not going to speculate but it’s puzzling that an article about Crawford’s vertigo like symptoms comes out shortly after Toews’ comments.

What will the Blackhawks do without Crawford?

If the Chicago Blackhawks are truly without Corey Crawford and feel that they still have a chance to make the playoffs I think they need to give Anton Forsberg most of the starting duties and pickup a goalie better than Jeff Glass.

Jeff Glass is a great guy but the Blackhawks need to be realistic and pick up an actual backup goalie. The Blackhawks need a proven backup goalie that can go long stretches if Forsberg falters and a goalie that won’t break the bank.

An intriguing goalie would be Chad Johnson from the Buffalo Sabers. This year he hasn’t been good at all, but the Sabers are really bad this season. Last year he went on some crazy winning streaks with the Calgary Flames.

If the Blackhawks are done this season they need to sell and tank for a good draft pick. It’s time for all the young players on the Blackhawks to get a shot.

Without Crawford, the Blackhawks will be finding themselves at the bottom of the Central Division.

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