Report: MLB execs believe Chicago Cubs are favorites for Yu Darvish

It was reported that free agent pitcher Yu Darvish will sign with an MLB team during this past week. But it hasn’t happened yet.

That doesn’t mean that the sweepstakes for Darvish aren’t about to be over.’s baseball writer Jerry Crasnick tweeted some information on about the situation Saturday afternoon stating that he does not know if a decision is coming soon but also noted one of the teams believed to be the favorites.

Crasnick says that according to MLB executives, the Cubs are reportedly the favorites:

The Milwaukee Brewers made their pitch to Darvish last week but with the additions of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain, they appear to be out. The other team to note is the Minnesota Twins.

They have also made an offer for Darvish and appear to be the biggest competition in landing him.

Crasnick also notes that the market is waiting for Darvish to make a move before things get going in what has been a relatively slow “Hot Stove” season. That includes starter Jake Arrieta who appears to be in the mix with the Cubs if they can’t land Darvish.

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