Kris Bryant pranks Fantasy Baseball Leagues as pizza delivery guy

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant has already pulled a prank by posing as a new transfer player for a Junior College in Arizona back in 2016 and has been pranked by pitching legend Greg Maddux.

But as we approach the start of the 2018 MLB season this week, Bryant is back to doing the pranking. Bryant teamed up with Red Bull once again to prank a three fantasy baseball leagues.

The leagues were told that they were being filmed for a new documentary. Bryant played the role of being the owner of “Kristo’s Pizza & Wings” as he delivers pizza and special edition Red Bull cans. The guys have no idea as Bryant sets up the pizza and passes out Red Bulls.

Check it out:

The Cubs will open the 2018 season Thursday against the Miami Marlins for a four-game series. As for the pranking? We will have to wait and see what Bryant has up his sleeve for the next one.


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