Red Bull launches new Kris Bryant batting cage at Sluggers Bar in Wrigleyvile

Kris Bryant is slowly taking over Wrigleyville.

First it was a mural of the Chicago Cubs superstar was put up outside of HVAC in Wrigleyville and now he has his own batting cage at another popular bar in the neighborhood. On Wednesday, Red Bull teamed up with Sluggers Bar to transform their classic batting cages into the “Red Bull KB Cage” which is officially open to the public.

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The new batting cages allow fans to step in and hit 10 pitches from the machines as they try to hit targets and earn points. The highest point total will have bragging rights over Wrigleyville.

To help open the new cages, Kris Bryant joined Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood and Ryne Sandberg as they all took hacks in the cages. The guys over at Bleacher Nation were there for the opening and had some awesome videos to share. Check it out:

The cages are open to the public on a first come first serve basis and we expect them to be jam packed on game days. Sluggers is a popular bar on gamedays as it is and mix in a KB batting cage and you’re adding some extra traffic in there.

Let us know if you plan on checking the cages out and what your score is.

Featured Image via Sandra Torres NBC


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