MLB has a problem with Willson Contreras’ Venezuela sleeve

First, it was Ben Zobrist’s all-black PF Flyers that Major League Baseball had a problem with last week. MLB sent Zobrist a letter warning him that he will be fined if he continues to wear the all-black shoes.

Zobrist responded with a message of his own, saying he wears the shoes during day games at Wrigley Field saying he was inspired by great players like Stan Musial and Ernie Banks. He then asked for some leniency on the matter.

Now, just a few days later another Chicago Cubs player has been warned about an accessory from MLB.

Catcher Willson Contreras stopped wearing his Venezuela arm sleeve last week after receiving a letter from MLB. NBC Sports Chicago reporter Tony Andracki had this nugget in his story about Zobrist and his shoes on Monday night:

Willson Contreras has also been told by the league he’s not allowed to wear his arm sleeve depicting the flag of his home country of Venezuela.

The sanctions from MLB are confusing to fans, too, who don’t understand why their favorite players can’t show their individuality and express themselves with their accessories.

It appears as if MLB is cracking down on the uniform policy and starting to send out notices more frequently now than they have in the past. The timing is a little weird, and honestly who is really bothered by shoes, arm-sleeves, etc?

Zobrist wore the shoes again on Monday as the Cubs and Braves honored Jackie Robinson Day due to a rainout in April. Your move MLB.


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