Marian Hossa has called an end to his incredible NHL career

In a recent article published by Slovakian news organization Novy Cas, Marian Hossa told a reporter that “I will not play hockey anymore”. Hossa has been dealing with a skin disorder that made his hockey equipment painful to wear and the side effects from the medication were damaging to his health.

Hossa, 39, spent 19 seasons in the NHL playing for the Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks throughout his career.

In eight seasons with the Blackhawks Hossa played 534 games, scored 415 points and walked away a thre- time Stanley Cup champion.

Before the 2009-10 season Hossa signed with the Blackhawks out of free agency in search of a Stanley Cup. It quickly became apparent that Hossa was going to be a main stay for the Blackhawks, Hossa was easily the smartest and most reliable player on the ice day in and day out.

It’s tough to see Hossa go out like this, but he had an Incredible NHL career and will surely go down as an all time great.

In the meantime Hossa is moving back to Slovakia with his family. There is a possibility that after his contract ends he will join the Blackhawks front office in some capacity.

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