Should the Chicago Blackhawks bring Artemi Panarin back?

The 2018 NHL offseason jumped to another level this week after Elliotte Friedman tweeted that Columbus forward Artemi Panarin is not ready to consider an extension yet.

That opened up the discussion that the Blue Jackets were willing to shop Panarin, speculating that a trade could be coming. With that, the Chicago Blackhawks were brought up among analysts and fans as one of the destinations for Panarin as a reunion could be in the works.

Whenever former Blackhawks players are available, Stan Bowman gets a little excited and brings them back into the organization. Could Artemi Panarin be back in a Blackhawks jersey this year or the next? At this, point I wouldn’t be surprised if Bowman pulled something like this off.

Even though Panarin and Kane were wizards on the ice for two seasons scoring 346 points combined, it wouldn’t be a smart idea to bring him back.

If the Blackhawks were to trade for Panarin this season the cost would be astronomical, potentially costing the Blackhawks DeBrincat or Schmaltz and both of their first-round picks.

With the Blackhawks working hard to free themselves from salary cap issues, signing Panarin would throw a wrench into all the progress that has been made. Panarin has earned himself a monster contract and will NOT take a discount to play with Kane. Panarin could easily go for $8 million per year for a very long time, the last thing the Blackhawks need is another large contract.

If the Blackhawks somehow ended up with Panarin without losing any players, what would that lineup look like? Dream no more:

Saad – Toews – DeBrincat

Panarin – Anisimov – Kane

Hinostroza – Schmaltz – Duclair

Sikura – Ejdsell – Martinsen

Don’t get me wrong I would take this team in a heartbeat, but there’s just no realistic way this would ever happen. This is entirely Bowman’s decision and if he makes this move, we may see a different GM running the ship afterword.

Would you like to see Panarin back with the Blackhawks

One thought on “Should the Chicago Blackhawks bring Artemi Panarin back?

  • June 21, 2018 at 5:02 PM

    I believe it was Bowman’s plan all along to bring Panarin back (and Panarin is aware of this), not necessarily this soon, but perhaps as a TDL acquisition and certainly as an unrestricted free agent.

    Why give up a ton when you can have him in the summer of 2019 for free?

    Bowman should sign Kovalchuk to a 1-year-deal, then sign Panarin next summer or make a run at him at the TDL if Columbus is out of it..

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