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Welcome to the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic! #ChiCityClassic

Here at, we want to kick off the 2018 fantasy football season with a bang, and what better way than to host a giant fantasy football league? No matter if you are a new player or a seasoned vet in the fantasy ranks, we want you to play!

This 100% FREE league will pit people from all over the country against each other for a chance at becoming the first-ever ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic Champion!

For more information on the format and ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic rules, see the FAQ below!


What is the setup for the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic?

Participants will be randomly placed in 12-team leagues for the first 12 weeks of the NFL season. Each week, your team will play every other team in your league. At the end of Week 12, the two teams with the best win-loss record and the team with the most points scored that is not in the top two will advance to the four week playoff.

Every playoff qualifying team will then face off against one another in a points scored format. Each playoff week, the bottom half of teams in points scored will be eliminated until the last teams standing in Week 16 duke it out for the right to become the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic Champion.

What is the roster setup?

Each roster will have 17 total players. 9 starters and 8 bench spots. The starting positions are:

1 – QB
2 – RB
2 – WR
1 – TE
2 – RB/WR/TE
1 – D/ST

What is the scoring format?

1 point per 25 passing yards
4 points per passing touchdown
2 points per passing 2 point conversion
-1 point per interception
1 point per 10 rushing yards
6 points per rushing touchdown
2 points per rushing 2 point conversion
1 point per reception
1 point per 10 receiving yards
6 points per receiving touchdown
2 points per receiving 2 point conversion
-1 point per fumble
6 points per fumbles recovered for touchdowns by offensive player
6 points per kickoff/punt return touchdown by offensive player

Defense/Special Teams
1 point per sack
2 points per safety
2 points per takeaway
6 points per defense or special teams touchdown
2 points per 2 point attempt returned for 2 points
15 points for no points allowed by defense
10 points for 2-10 points allowed by defense
5 points for 11-20 points allowed by defense
2 points for 21-28 points allowed by defense
0 points for 29-35 points allowed by defense
-2 points for 36+ points allowed by defense

When do the leagues draft and what is the draft format?

Leagues will begin drafting the week of August 6th in a slow-draft format so there’s no worry about missing your draft time. Teams will have an 8 hour window to make their pick with a stoppage in the clock between 11pm CST and 8am CST.

So in the playoffs, multiple teams could have the same players?

Yes, you could easily find yourself with half the teams in the playoff with the same stud player. We feel this format combines the best of both the standard fantasy draft format, avoiding any unlucky win-loss problems that we’ve all experienced at one time, and allow the best players to show off their skills

How will waivers, free agency and trades work?

There are NO trades in the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic. We want to avoid any collusion or unfair practices between teams before the playoffs occur.

Waivers will process every Wednesday and Sunday at 9am CST. The waiver order is the reverse order of the standings at a given time. The first team in priority gets player one, then the 2nd team in priority will get the next player.

Once waivers process on Wednesdays and Sundays, it will turn into a first come, first serve for free agency. When a player is dropped, they will be placed on waivers until the next waiver period.

Are there roster moves in the playoff weeks?

There will be no waiver wire, free agency or trades during the playoffs. The team you go into the playoffs with is the team you keep. Since we are entering a territory where multiple teams will have the same player, there is no perfect way to allow roster moves.

What platform is being used for the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic?

In order to handle the large amount of teams we are expecting in this tournament, the leagues will be hosted on Fantrax. Click here to set up your account.

Can I request a specific division so I can play with my friends?

Absolutely! In the sign up, select a division from the dropdown menu and have your friends pick the same division. We will do our best to make sure you are grouped together.

What is the prize for winning the ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic?

We will send you the inaugural ChiCitySports Fantasy Football Classic Trophy complete with your name for you to show off to all your friends…because if there’s one thing your friends like to hear about, it’s your fantasy football team.

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