Report: Chicago Cubs are ‘out’ on Manny Machado?

The Chicago Cubs were one of the first teams linked to Baltimore Orioles shortstop Manny Machado weeks back when a reported listed him as the team’s top trade target. Chicago is in a tight race for the NL Central lead with the Milwaukee Brewers and could make a move ahead of the July deadline to boost their chances.

But it likely won’t be for Machado.

USA Today MLB writer Bob Nightengale wrote on the Cubs as they wrap up a three-game series in San Francisco with the Giants and dropped the nugget that they are no longer interested in trading for Machado. It comes during a time where the Orioles are exploring trade offers with teams including the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and even the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here’s what Nightengale wrote:

They were the team once linked the most to shortstop Manny Machado, but now the contender no longer interested in him. They are the team who once again have World Series aspirations, but the ones barely making a ripple in the trade deadline rumor mill.

Nightengale goes on to talk about the Brewers who are interested in Machado and stating that the Cubs aren’t worried if Milwaukee wins the sweepstakes. He even quotes Jason Heyward who says he believes the Cubs aren’t “chasing anyone” and feel like they are on a good path.

While the Cubs connection to Machado seems dead, it means shortstop Addison Russell would remain on the team. He was the one piece that was mentioned when Machado rumors were brought up. Russell has played well in the past few weeks and could provide a boost to this offense for the stretch run.

Chicago enters Wednesday’s series finale in San Francisco just 1.5 games back of the Brewers.

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