With the NFL returning shortly so do the beautiful fan rituals

Chicago Bears rookies will report to training camp in Bourbonnais a week from Tuesday. Three days later veterans will report with the team holding its first official practice of the 2018 season on Saturday, July 21st. More so, Bears fans and NFL fans it signals the return of the NFL season and the return of all the great rituals that come with it.

With training camp returning, it brings back the tradition for fans making the trek to training camp site whether just on the team’s facility or in other cases traveling an extended distance to attend practice. Fans will over analyze every overthrown pass, dropped reception, and missed kick because there is no live game film to over analyze just yet.

Just two weeks into training camp is when the slate of pre-season games will start providing fans actual content to sink their teeth into. The games will be entertaining for as long as the first stringers are in the game with many others watching because it provides a nice change of pace from the baseball season.

Fantasy football will dominate the back half of August as fans will frantically read any mock draft and listen to any podcast just to get a little more knowledge before heading into their drafts. Fans will wish for the utmost care given to players they drafted when watching the last two weeks of the pre-season schedule.

Finally will come the Thursday Night Kickoff game on September 6th where fans will flood social media with the same posts reading “Finally football is back”. Fantasy footballers will find any player they can to start just to add any addition feel for the kickoff game between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles.

The following Sunday will bring the return of all the great things we love about NFL football Sundays. Depending on how dedicated a fan you are, your Sundays will be spent with six to nine hours of football viewing. Food options will vary from grilled bratwurst, slow cooked chili, or deep-fried wings to provide needed consumption during said viewing.

These rituals will be repeated every Sunday from the late summer of early September to the chilly winter of the first Sunday of February concluding with the Super Bowl. When training camp opens up within the next few weeks, fans will be reminded of all these traditions and will look to repeat them because of the good feelings it provides, and we have football beginning again to thank for all of it.

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