Funny, Clever, and Offensive Fantasy Football Team Names for 2018 NFL Season

Funny, Clever, Offensive, Childish, Silly, etc. are all adjectives that come up when describing a fantasy football team name. Every year ChiCitySports compiles a list of funny/clever fantasy football team names for the upcoming NFL season.

Check out our lists from years previous….we are kind of a big deal!

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Let’s jump right into things. We’ll get a list of what we deem to be funny, offensive, and clever team names for the entire league. Then we’ll throw a splash of Bears themed team names at you…because we can do whatever we want. I’m drinking beer while doing this.

League Wide Team Names

I’m sorry Mr. Jackson (oh), Lamar is for real: Who doesn’t love Outkast? The Baltimore Ravens are hoping Lamar is for real and that the rest of the NFL will be sorry for not picking him.

Monica Loves Clinton Dix : HaHa Clinton-Dix plays for the Packers and sucks (this is a Bears site). But he deserves to be on the list because of the Bill Clinton reference.

2 Gurley’s, 1 Cup: In reference to that one online clip. Uh, yeah..

Eiferted: It’s funny.

Baby Got Dak: Just like the classic song by Sir Mix-A-Lot, use this one especially if you draft Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

Le’Veon On a Prayer : Le’Veon Bell will be a hot commodity this season for fantasy owners. Bon Jovi songs are always a hot commodity to listen to.

Super Mario-ta: A play on everyone’s favorite video game character. But will Marcus Mariota’s odyssey end with the Titans winning the Super Bowl?

Baker’s Dozen: Baker Mayfield is all the rage in Cleveland now that LeBron is gone…again.

Keny-an (Drake) My Feelings: KiKi do you love me?

Cry Me a Rivers: Philip Rivers + Justin Timberlake = This awesome team name.

Golladay Inn Express: In case you’re a Lions fan

Hangin’ out with my Mahomies: It’s Patrick Mahomes time in KC

Get Your Tyreek On: Go get Tyreek Hill and cause havoc on your league.

9 ELe’veon: He’s always open!

Kerryon My Wayward Son: The Lions rookie already gives us an awesome team name.

Knockin’ on Evans Door: A play on the classic song by Bob Dylan with a twist from Mike Evans.

Dez Dispensers: If Dez signs with a team, this is a great pun on the classic PEZ candy.

Golden Tate Warriors: But will the Warriors sign Golden Tate?

Dak n’ Goff: In case you have a 2 QB league.

Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy: This one ain’t cheesy.

Hot Chubb Time Machine: Do you dare draft a Cleveland Brown?

Wentz Upon a Time: The Eagles won a Super Bowl and this one works if you have Carson Wentz.

A Kiss from a Rosen: Seal the deal on your team name with rookie QB Josh Rosen

Nuthin’ But a Jimmy G Thang: It’s like this and like that and like this and uh

Lights, Kamara, Action: Anytime Alvin Kamara touches the ball it’s a show

Dakstreet’s Back: Alright!

In my Theilens: Vikings fans always in their feelings when they can’t reach the Super Bowl

Green Eggs and Beckham: OBJ is back and so is your fantasy team

Dude, Where’s My Carr?: But what does mine say?

Bortles Service: Because who doesn’t like poppin bottles in the club?

Gurleys Gone Wild: Well, you know.

OB Saquan Kenobi: For you Star Wars fans out there..

Chicago Themed Team Names

10 Loves Kissin’ TD’s: Thanks to #10’s tweet, we have a new favorite fantasy football team name.

Long White Ditka : Kyle Long. Kevin White. Coach Ditka. This one…this one is a winner.

The Akiem Police: A pun off the classic song by local band Cheap Trick.

Maesters of the Midway : Game of Thrones reference. Maester. Midway.

Too Good to be Trubisky: Maybe your team will be too good to be true.

I’m Cohen crazy: Especially if you keep losing your fantasy matchups

Don’t Be So Nagy: Finally a coach name other than Ditka!

Goldman Sacks : Eddie Goldman will be racking up plenty of sacks this season.

Soldier Field Turf Monster: He’s good for at least 3 tackles a game.

Rage Against the Shaheen: Because if the Bears don’t use Shaheen right this year.

Suck My Ditka : Always a classic. Combining a SMD reference with Coach Ditka.

Feeling a little Trubisky: Especially if the QB takes the big step in his 2nd year

Limp TruBizkit: He did it all for the TD’s.

2 Ditkas 1 Butkus: Well..

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