Brian Urlacher teams up with Staples to give back to students

We’ve officially hit mid-August with students, parents and teachers fully in “back-to-school” mode as numerous schools across the Chicagoland area have already begun classes or will in the coming days.

With it being back-to-school season, that means school supplies will be needed and for some, that’s a difficult task at hand. But thankfully, Staples teamed up with NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher to give back to the community.

The “Staples for Students” program helps students and teachers with school supplies by launching back-to-school campaigns including school supply drive, classroom initiatives and donations to teachers. On August 15th, Urlacher was at the Staples location at 111 North Wabash Ave in Chicago to help local students with a back to school shopping trip as part of the Staples for Students program.

For Urlacher, helping out the Chicago community with an event like this means a lot.

“This is unbelievable,” Urlacher said. “They are giving money to teachers to help with school supplies. Teachers spend a lot of money on supplies, and I know that my kid’s teachers spend a lot of money on supplies for their classrooms. It’s nice they are giving back to these teachers, it’s good because teachers are a good role model in kids’ lives.”

As for his role with Staples, Urlacher is hoping that him partnering with Staples helps spread the word a little more.

“Hopefully it brings more people out, talking about it, thinking about it and getting them to donate,” Urlacher said. “Anytime you can get more people out, it’s a good thing.”

During the event, Urlacher helped students pick out new supplies from backpacks, pens, pencils, folders, paper and much more at Staples. In addition, Urlacher also signed autographs and students were able to walk the red carpet showing off their gear.

As for any advice Urlacher had for the students, the former linebacker kept it simple. “Pay attention,” Urlacher said. “These days there’s so much going on with technology, it’s easy for kids to be distracted. If they pay attention, they will succeed.”


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