College Football Week 8: Best bets to win you some money

Overall Record: 12-4

We’ve reached the halfway point of the season which makes me kind of sad, this is my favorite time of year for sports and my favorite sport is halfway over for the year but things are going to start picking up in the College Football Playoff race.

Alabama looks like they are once again on their way to at least playing in the CFP and likely winning it all. After the Crimson Tide, teams like Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Michigan, and Texas among others are hoping to earn one of the four spots.

Well, I could sit and cry about the season winding down or I can olive in the moment and make the best of the rest of this fantastic sports season.

Michigan vs. Michigan State

Best Bet: Michigan (-7)

This is going to be a very good game to watch due to the decline in Michigan’s week-to-week performance. The Spartans aren’t really that great of a football team which makes me able to sleep at night knowing I put money down on the noisy neighbors from Ann Arbor to win by a TD.

Oklahoma vs. TCU

Best Bet: PARLAY OKLA (-8)/Over 61.5

I’ve been eyeing this one for the past couple days and the lines haven’t changed which makes me really happy because I have full confidence in Kyler Murray to destroy the Horned Frog defense. I predict this game will be a shootout in the first half and just when TCU thinks they’ve figured out Murray’s tricks, he’ll pull something out something amazing like he usually does and make both bets hit.

Miami-Ohio vs. Army

Best Bet: Army (-7.5)

This one is kind of a no-brainer if you’ve been keeping up with Army’s performance this year. The only game Army has lost in West Point this year was to Kyler Murray and the Sooners which they barely won (28-21). The Redhawks may be on a 4 game winning streak ATS… but so are the Black Knights.

I said it earlier when Army played Oklahoma and I will still say it today, DON’T SLEEP ON KELVIN HOPKINS JR.! This guy is a stud who doesn’t get the attention he deserves since he doesn’t play for a big football school. Put this one in your books!

USU vs. Wyoming

Best Bet: USU (-15)

The Aggies from Utah State are on a 5 game win streak, and a 5 game over streak, AND on a 5 game win streak ATS. If there’s one piece of wisdom that I can pass along to a sports gambler, it’s this: good teams win, great teams cover. I’ve lived my whole betting career by this mantra and I find that it really puts things into perspective for what the goal is. Utah State fits the bill for all of the criteria in the perfect betting team. Go Aggies!

Lock of the Week

Alabama vs. Tennessee

Best Bet: Over 57

I’ve been scratching my head looking at this line thinking Vegas will change this mistake before it’s too late. Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over my betting career is that no matter how much you think you can, you cannot outsmart Vegas.

You just can’t, they are the all-knowing oracle of everything sports. But, I think I might’ve found the closest thing to a Vegas screw-up that they’ve made in a long time. This line will hit at the end of the first half, if it isn’t, then it will 10 minutes into the 3rd quarter. Roll Tide!!!

Remember: good teams win, great teams cover. Good luck this week!


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