College Football Week 9: Best Bets

Overall Record: 16-6

It was a great Week 8 as I went 4-2 on my college football bets. Kind of upset in our lads from Utah State after talking them up so high, also a little disappointed in Army going to double OT to beat Miami of Ohio. That was kind of a letdown.

But what wasn’t was Alabama covering the over, themselves! The Crimson Tide scored 58 points to beat Tennessee and hit the OVER of 57. Impressive.

Anyways, let’s get to this week.

Oregon vs. Arizona

Best Bet: Oregon (-9.5)

Oregon is looking really good this season racking up a lot of points with a defense that keeps improving. However, the Wildcats seem to be on the downslope of their season which is why I think this should be no problem for the Ducks.

Army vs. Eastern Michigan

Best Bet: Army (-1)

This is a little bit embarrassing for the Knights. I know they only won by 1 point in double OT but come on. They can easily blow out Eastern Michigan. They’ve got something to prove this week. Go Knights!

Wisconsin vs. Northwestern

Best Bet: Wisconsin (-6.5)

To be honest, I’m not too sold on Wisconsin this year, however, I have a feeling that they will run away with this game. This could be the week that the Badgers get back on the horse and finish out the season strong. Don’t look at the stats too closely, I’m feeling the Badgers.

Louisiana Tech vs. Florida Atlantic

Best Bet: Louisiana Tech (+3)

I think Lane Kiffin is a washed up coach who thinks he can roll with the big guys. Which is justified since he coaches a really good football team, right? WRONG. FAU sucks and the ghost of Terry Bradshaw past will possess LT’s QB and lead him to a Bulldog victory.

Lock of the Week

Miami vs. Boston College

Best Bet: Boston College (+3.5)

I feel really bad for the Hurricanes. The Miami Hurricanes have the absolute misfortune of not only playing Boston College, but playing them on Red Bandana Night. BC DOESN’T LOSE ON RED BANDANA NIGHT!

If you have no idea what Red Bandana Night is, allow me to explain. Red Bandana Night is the celebration of former BC alum Welles Crowther who was a firefighter who sacrificed his life to save 18 lives when the Twin Towers fell.

As a tribute to Welles, the fans and student body of BC proudly wear their red bandanas just as Welles did when he was at the university playing for the lacrosse team with his red bandana that his father gave him, proudly worn under his helmet. It is a truly touching tradition that is way too powerful for any team to play against. Lock of the century.


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