Basketball For Beginners

Everyone has to start as a beginner in sports. Fortunately, with basketball, the average person will already know some moves from watching the sport on television and in everyday life. If you are wanting to encourage a new learner to focus on the fundamentals, then the majority of the time you practice should cover these basic drills. They have been developed specifically for kids ten years old or even younger.

Footwork Drills for Beginners

Footwork is possibly the most important component of basketball skills. It is what allows the player to finish a shot around the rim or to dodge an aggressive defense strategy. Footwork is also how players on defense stay in front of their opponent in order to deny them the ball. It is how a player moves into a position, so they can help a teammate. It is the cornerstone of basketball skills.

No matter if you are trying to gain an advantage on defense or offense, you will need to use precise and nimble footwork. It is recommended to spend around 20 minutes at every practice session on footwork. For more information about basketball techniques for beginners, visit Ballers Republic.

Drills to Cover

  • Quick Stop 
  • Stance and start footwork
  • V Cut
  • Triple threat positions and defensive stances
  • Ballhandling Drills for Beginners

This is all about passing the ball, dribbling, and catching. You need to know these basic ballhandling skills no matter what position you play: forward, center, or guard. It can teach players how to push the ball further upcourt and catch the ball in the post position. It enables the learner to become successful in all phases of basketball. It is recommended to spend around 15 minutes on ballhandling skills at each practice session.

Drills for Ballhandling

  • Ballhandling and dribbling basics
  • Passing and catching
  • Dribbling drives
  • Four-step ball handling circuits
  • Shooting Drills for Beginners

The last component of basketball practice for beginners is shooting. Everybody who loves basketball has probably been practicing this one in their back yards since they were old enough to pick up a ball. It is the dream of every basketball fan to snap a ball into the basket and could even be one of their earliest ambitions. 

It is a good way to end off a training session when you are dealing with beginner players, because it ends the practice on a high note. Everyone will leave the court with a smile on their faces, especially if they have made a good shot. Even fluke shots are something to get excited about and lead to happy reminisces long after the tiredness of the meeting as worn off.

Around 20 minutes should be focused on shooting. 

  • Shooting basics with emphasis on learning the techniques
  • Shooting forms and drills
  • Layups
  • Three-spot shooting drills

The main objective of any basketball training session for beginners is to instill a sense of fun and teamwork to the learners, in equal amounts with the fundamentals of the game. This will form the basis that will encourage them to want to learn more. 

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