Live Betting Guide for Beginners

Experience, knowledge of the game and a bit of luck are crucial factors for any sports bettor. With live-betting, discipline and being skillful in picking wagers are the most important traits to possess. By contrast, following your emotions and getting distracted as the game continues will often lead to losses.

Find out in the guide below how to become successful at wagering live games in the NBA, MLB, NHL or any other US sport.

Decide on a Betting Strategy

Live betting offers numerous ways to bet and make money. But if you want to profit from it in the long-run, decide on a good betting strategy. One strategy is to be conservative and tap on small wins. 

The odds of the Golden State Warriors beating the Pelicans after a 15 point difference at half-time are high. As you would expect, the chances of making a lot of profit by backing the Warriors will be low. However, the odds are almost guaranteed and offer a low-risk, high win potential.

The alternative is to concentrate on high value, high-risk wagers. If New Orleans is up 10 points in the first quarter, betting on Golden to win the game at odds 2.15 may look like a risk. But if you are confident of a comeback, betting on the team will attract high odds. On the downside, not every team is as good with comebacks as the Warriors. If you choose to follow high-risk odds, be prepared for more losses. 

Learn how in-Game Betting work

Odds change faster than goals are scored. The moment Golden State closes the gap to three or less in the game against New Orleans, the previous 2.15 odds could be slashed by half. Once the Bay side scores a second goal, the odds are slashed further.

Making money in live-betting means placing a wager as soon as you spot a good bet. If the underdog scores first, consider betting on both teams to score immediately. Of course, you must have a good live-bet app or be watching the game. The goal is to pick value odds with great chances of happening. 

Apart from time, other things that may affect a change in odds include teams leaving and the occurrence of yellow and red cards. Follow these signs whenever betting on live-games. Place a bet immediately you spot good odds and know when not to bet.

Join Good Betting Sites

Odds in live games change quickly in all betting sites. But betting sites are not all the same. Some sites have better odds for the same games than others most of the time. If you are on a site whose odds are always low, you can never make it with live betting.

Most odds in live games are usually low anyway. Choose your betting sites wisely. If you don’t know any good sites that offer bonuses and high odds, read a detailed review of Karamba sign up offer by Sporty Trader here. Almost everyone is welcome to Karamba’s offers but they are some wager requirements you should learn about. 

When you use a site that offers competitive odds, your profits will always be higher. The best sites also avail a wide range of live-in bets. To put some context, live-bets don’t always have the many wagers you find in regular games. Some sites also remove wagers too early before the game ends. To find a good site to use, click here.

As a professional live-bettor, you want a site that lets you pick odds from more than ten wagers per game. If the odds aren’t changed after every 30 seconds, the better it will be to find value bets and wager on them.

Commit your Time to the Games

You don’t have to be there until the game ends. Sometimes you only need 30 minutes to follow a game and place a good bet. But for those 30 minutes, be committed to observing the game’s stats and odds before you place any bets.

When betting with friends, know how to deal with the noise and distractions. Unless you are not serious about winning, be disciplined until the games end. Ideally, pick games to bet on immediately they begin. Most odds start to fluctuate after 15 minutes into the game. Find a comfortable chair and dedicate the next half an hour or the full length of the game into your bets.

It’s always good to remain calm even when your bet doesn’t seem to be going the right way. When you are calm, you are also able to make rational decisions. You can analyze the games easier and switch between wagers as their odds vary.

Act like a Professional

You probably bet on live games for casual purposes only. But that’s no reason to wager on your favorite team just because you love it. Even when the team is playing well, act like a professional. Look at the odds issued and how the game is playing out. Only place wagers after your analysis of the game lead you to believe it’s a smart bet.

Avoiding emotions and sympathy bets isn’t the only way to be professional whenever you engage in live-betting. Wagering costs money- -learn how to manage your bankroll. If you lose three consecutive bets, consider taking a break. If you are on a winning run, don’t be tempted to bet all your wins at one go. 

With bankrolls, spend a small percentage of your money. The odds are usually low and the risks are high. Except in rare cases where you find low-risk high-value bets, spend less than 20% of your bankroll on in-game bets. If anything, use these kinds of bets to complement your income from other kinds of bets.

To Conclude

Live bets are exciting. A goal could be scored at any moments. And with it, the odds are slashed to your detriment. But if you are committed to betting, you can also make money off it. Only a short time frame is required to analyze the games. If you think a team will score next, bet on it and you could make some profits in less than ten minutes.

Of course, the thrills and high risks involved in live betting means there are great risks. If you are not professional with your bankroll, you can easily lose all of it. Pick your games and sites wisely. Analyze wagers and bet immediately you find great odds.  

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