Six ways to find downtime in your busy sports schedule

If you are a Chicago sports fan, then you will no doubt have a packed schedule to keep an eye on. Whether it is following the Cubs through the upcoming spring training and the regular baseball season, supporting the Bears in the NFL, or the Bulls in basketball, you are kept very busy. This is even truer if you are a big sports fan who likes to follow more than one Chicago team in their chosen field. 

While the hustle and bustle of a hectic sports schedule can be exhilarating, you will sometimes need to relax a little. Finding some downtime not only allows you to recover from following your favorite Chicago team but also get a break from sports. This can be especially welcome after a bad result or losing streak!

Just how do you go about this?

Cool ways to get some downtime from sports

If you need some great ideas on how to fit some relaxation time into your schedule, then the below should help:

  • Play online casino games –one of the best ways to pass the time when taking a break from sports is with online casino games. Legal online gambling is available in US states such as New Jersey now, which makes it easy to find casino games to enjoy. Betfair casino is a big-name company in this area that many US players head to when wanting to have fun online. With lots of live dealer games, table games and slot games to enjoy when not watching sports, you will never get bored. Not only is it fun and exciting, but you may also win some money!
  • Exercise a little –when there is no game on to watch or no breaking news to catch up on, why not try some exercise? Relaxing in your downtime from sports does not always mean not doing anything! You will be pleasantly surprised at how refreshed and energized you feel from taking a walk in the fresh air or going for a short bike ride in the countryside. It will also help to clear your head and make you feel amazing.
  • Meet up with friends –there is no doubt that following a team as a true fan can take up lots of your time. This can mean that any friends who are not sports fans are pushed to one side at times. When you have some quiet time in your schedule, why not meet up with these friends? Not only will it help you to stay in touch with them, but it will also give you a chance to find out what is happening in their life. 
  • Get some sleep –we go from exercising and being social to the other extreme here! Sometimes though, simply getting some sleep in can be a good use of any spare time that you have when sports are not playing. Even if the Bulls or Cubs are doing well, the adrenalin you get from following them can really tire you out. This makes it a great idea to think about getting a nap in or going to bed early if there are no games on TV or to go along to. 
  • Catch up on TV and movies –as noted already, being a hardcore sports fan can take up most of your time, especially when you are working all day. This can mean that you miss out on the latest hit TV shows at times or fall behind on those movies you planned to catch. When you have some spare time, it is a great opportunity to rectify this. Get those box sets on and relax on the sofa as you find out what all the fuss is about.
  • Browse social media –another great way to find some downtime in your sports schedule is to chill out with social media. This will not only allow you to catch up with the latest celeb gossip and news but also see what your friends are doing. It can also be somewhere you can have a great laugh with the amount of amusing videos and images on the major platforms.

Try to make some time to take it easy

If you live in Chicago, then you know that sports are a big deal. If you are a huge sports fan yourself, then it is important to try to find some downtime in your busy schedule. This will not only help you to have fun away from the game but also allow you to keep everything in perspective. Hopefully, the above has given you some great ideas on how to go about it. 

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