Oh hell yeah. News broke on Monday that Malort is officially returning to Chicago and we can only imagine the reaction from those that are familiar with the liqueur.

Jeppson’s officially announced that Malort will be produced in Chicago for the first time since the 80’s.

Per Block Club Chicago:

The liqueur, a Chicago icon both beloved and hated by many, had been produced in Florida by the Carl Jeppson Company for three decades. But Malört has found its way home and is now being produced and bottled at CH Distillery in East Pilsen, 1629 S. Clinton St.

CH Distillery first announced plans to bring Malört home in October after buying Carl Jeppson Company in September. Production began recently, according to a news release.

The thing about Malort is anyone who has ever lived in Chicago and been to a bar has had it before. It tastes awful but it’s one of those things you “have to try”.

It’s a Chicago thing and others just don’t understand:

I remember my first Malort shot because the taste was so awful but I don’t remember the place. Likely somewhere on Division street after a night of free drinks at McFadden’s (RIP).

This is great news though as Malort is finally coming home. Now who is up for a shot?

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