American Football as It Is: Details and Specifics

The football of Americans emerged from rugby; the initial evidence of it date back to 1823. Almost in 50 years, the teams from New Brunswick universities made up their minds to change the guidelines of rugby removing the forceful part along with adding the visual appeal. Thus, this mix of rugby and European football gave birth to this sport play. It is most acknowledged in North America.

In the USA, more than 100 million people audience watches American football. It is beloved by sportsmen, as well as by fans in almost every age category. Of course, this sport is quite specific and for this reason, it is well-liked beyond North America. The present-day means of communication enable Europeans or other nations to fall in love with this sport. It is alike to various fields of entertainment like New Zealand casino experts who may recommend the top games to gamble from any corner of this planet.

Formally, the football of Americans was born in 1869. The guidelines resembled those of rugby, as well as those of European soccer. Walter Kamp, the founder of American football, amended the guidelines of a severe rugby game. It possesses plenty of dangerous force tactics which led to multiple injuries and even death. Not only the community but Theodore Roosevelt also insisted on changing the guidelines. Thus, the football of Americans has shifted a focus from force to speed of teams. It was decided that 11 participants will be engaged in a play instead of 15, it has endured no changes until the present days.

 The Main Features and Specifics of this Sport


The main task of this play is to push a ball into the territory of a competitor. Length and width of the playing area are 53 at 49 meters accordingly. At the ends of the field, there are target lines at a stretch of 100 yards. The guidelines allow to take a ball with hands is its peculiarity as it is stringently prohibited in European football, as well as in rugby.


American football is still a forceful play. Thus, special outfit and safety means have been required since 1939. A player shall have a protective helmet, safety shoes, knee guards, gloves, external safeguarding frame, and hips protection. Only after reading outfit requirements, one may understand how forceful and power-demanding the play is. 


Formerly, players used a round ball in their games. Nevertheless, the peculiar rules, especially the one allowing to take a ball in hands, have influenced its modification. This is an almond-shaped prolonged leather ball. The color is brown, with white band and lacing. Now, it is recognized as the symbol of the football of Americans.


The professional football association in the USA was initiated in 1920, it was renamed in NFL 2 years later. The games of the League are trendy in the USA. Each educational institution has got a team, the number of them is higher than 600.

This sport has found its fans and followers far beyond the USA, at all the continents of the planet. Annually, there are diverse competitions carried out between the teams for the right to possess prestigious cups and rewards. The overall audience of this sport continues to grow and to attract young people to play this game professionally.

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