Should Chicago Blackhawks fans root for the St. Louis Blues in the playoffs?

Absolutely NOT! No self-respecting Blackhawks fan would even consider rooting for the St. Louis Blues If you even thought to yourself for a second that maybe you could pull for the Blues in the playoffs you should be banished from the Blackhawks fan base. This is the last chance to absolve yourself of the most grievous Blackhawks fan sin known to man.

This abomination of a map via Reddit shows the closest conference final team to each county. To avoid any confusion, no matter how close St. Louis is to Chicago it could not be further away as far as allegiances go.

Seeing that ugly blue draped over the Chicagoland area is worse than slathering ketchup on a hot dog and even worse than a Cardinals fan wearing all their gear to a Cubs game when the Cardinals aren’t playing.

If Blackhawks fans root for anyone during the playoffs it should be for the Carolina Hurricanes in the hopes that former Blackhawk Teuvo Teravainen can once again bask in the glory of the Stanley Cup. It would also be acceptable to root for the San Jose Sharks until they beat St. Louis.

All “joking” aside the St. Louis Blues have been very good in the playoffs especially with rookie goaltender Jordan Binnington. The Blues quickly dispatched the Winnipeg Jets and had a tough 7 game series against the Dallas Stars. They will face the San Jose Sharks in the western conference finals.

Hopefully the Blackhawks are back in the playoffs next year so Blackhawks fans don’t have to rely on other teams to stop the Blues before it’s too late.

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