Fortnite and Jordan Brand tease new collaboration

Fortnite took the gaming world by storm featuring their popular Battle Royale game mode that had millions playing on major systems. The game has had popular crossovers with the NFL, Marvel, John Wick and more over the past year, helping boost its in-game content.

But now they are ready to take it to the next level with their newest crossover.

On Tuesday, Fortnite teased their newest collaboration which appears to be with Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand. Here is the tweet that signals “GOAT”, “Basketball” and “Shoes”:

Hours after that tweet, more details were revealed about the event, including a start date of May 22nd on the game’s main screen. An image with Fortnite x Air Jordan and the text “β€˜Game Recognize Game, Drop in tomorrow” underneath it.

The event is expected to feature new emotes, skins, challenges and more.


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