adidas Baseball x Tim Anderson: Watch Me Change The Game

Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is trying to change the way baseball is being played. The 25-year-old is trying to bring the excitement back to the South Side and is doing so in a flashy way.

Anderson’s style of play may upset some old timers (and pitchers too) with his bat flips but that’s just who he is and we shouldn’t try to change it.

Changing the game was also the theme of Anderson’s new commercial with adidas as he describes his style of play, what the South Side means for him and more. Check it out below:

Anderson’s way of changing the game goes hand-in-hand with MLB’s promotion of “Let the Kids Play” promoting their young stars and a new age of baseball.

In April, Anderson was plunked by Kansas City Royals pitcher Brad Keller after flipping his bat on a home run. Both players were suspended and the situation caused a big debate on bat flips and throwing at hitters.

Say what you want, but Anderson has everyone’s attention and that’s a good thing.

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