Nike launches NIKELAB re-creation center with C/O Virgil Abloh

Nike is teaming up with designer Virgil Abloh to create a new setup in the NikeLab next door to the Nike Store on Michigan Avenue. The re-creation center will allow creators to come in and re-design shoes and clothes based on recycled material.

Committed to empowering youth, the Re-Creation Center will engage in the physical and cultural energy of Chicago to make the city, and the world, better through sport. The Re-Creation Center will spark creativity through workshops, giveback programs, exclusive product, and local influential forces.

The new NikeLab re-creation center will host a mentorship program designed by Abloh who hand-picked Chicago creators to host workshops throughout the opening. Those creators are:

  • Chuck Anderson (Graphic Design)
  • Paul Octavious (Photography)
  • Alyx Harch (Fabric Design)
  • Thomas Kelley and Carrie Norman (Brand Identity)
  • Ann Lui and Craig Reschke (Architecture)

In addition, 10 Chicago-area creatives for an immersive eight-week experience with Abloh and the wider group listed above. Each will have the opportunity to advance the skills of their respective practice and engage with complementary areas of expertise. Commencement is marked by the presentation of a final project.

It all kicks off on May 30th with a special preview of the new space featuring a panel with Abloh discussing historic impact of Chicago‚Äôs cultural impact on the world and set the stage for the merit of enabling a new generation of homegrown talent to blossom. 

The NikeLab Chicago Re-Creation Center c/o Virgil Abloh officially opens on May 31 and will remain open until July 28th. Located at 673 N. Michigan Avenue, NikePlus members will have the chance to unlock unique access and experiences with the SNKSRS app throughout the opening.


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